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Ultra rock flowers are a great anemone…easy to care for and beautiful! Beginners to advanced to collectors…everyone can keep them successfully! They add great colors to any tank! We ARE the Premier source for Ultra Rock Flowers!!

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Our divers go miles out from shore to bring you the best ULTRA rock flowers available! Runoff from mainlands are not an issue for lifespan or, other worrisome thoughts with our ultras. Our divers travel so far out that a day of collection takes 18 hours! No kidding! Six foot waves, lightening and rain are encountered on some trips. During some years seaweed covers the rock flowers and red tide is quite a common occurrence also. As you can tell, our divers work hard to bring you the very best ultras!! We have kept ultra rock flowers for many, many years…at least 30 some! Our divers have that much experience too! We ARE THEE BEST when it comes to ULTRA ROCK FLOWERS!!!

Do not be fooled by the “name game which costs you!” more from hungry sellers looking to profit from the name game and thus, you! They make up names just to lure you in. Us “oldtimers” use names too but they can be much different than what you see/hear now! We have collector rock flowers too such as bullseyes, rainbows, etc. but we rarely use the names so as not to confuse you! We do not charge you an arm and a leg for bullseyes, rainbows and other collector rock flowers! Rock Flowers from Florida/Caribbean are the same species of flowers-they are just collected in many different areas such as near the shores of Florida (pollution), in the Gulf (pollution), Key West, etc. We collect where others do not. We tank-condition our Ultras so they are ready to go into your tank without fear of disease, pests and any other conditions that would put your reef at risk.

Every ultra rock flower in a pack is different, meaning no two will look alike. Colors are red, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, pink, gold, white and black. They come in solid colors, different shades of colors, stripes, two different colors and more! Our customers come back again and again as they know that our ultra flowers are far superior! If you haven’t tried our Ultra Rock Flowers, you should!

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