Red Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone


Three different sizes of red rainbow bubble tip anemones to choose from! Approximate sizes are 2 to 5 inches fully inflated. We have grown these for many years! Beautiful and great growers!

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Our red rainbow bubble tips are grown in-house. Never mix a wild and an aquacultured (tank raised) bubble tip in the same tank! One will die, usually the wild bubble tip anemone…it is only a matter of time. Not only will you lose one or more anemones, but you risk the entire tank! It takes many generations of a wild bubble tip to become aquacultured. If you have any questions, contact us! Our bubble tips are bright and they are great growers!

Clownfish are hosted by our bubble tips. Bubble tips sting so your clownfish will need to get used to the bubble tip sting. You can also get stung so be careful…gloves are helpful if you must touch.

BTA’s (bubble tip anemones) inflate and deflate. Tank conditions, flow, lighting and other variables affect this. Bubble tips will look lighter colored when inflated and darker/brighter colored when deflated. The tips will bubble on some anemones while others will not. How the bubble tip will respond in your aquarium is unknown, again it depends on your tank.

Give your BTA time to adjust to your aquarium as it will be deflated when it arrives.

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2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4-5 Inch